Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Alkl Technologies has announced CoPilot GPS, a free route planning and on-board mapping app for iPhone and iPad. You can search millions of pre-installed points of interest for nearby restaurants, hotels and gas stations — or use Bing Search and Wikipedia.

Skejo Studios has released Operation: Eradicate, a turn-based strategy game for Pad and iPhone devices. In the app — available at US$1.99 for one week before going to $3.99 — the player controls up to four characters across the world to beat back the spreading “infected” hordes.

YFactory has introduced Action Sticker HD — YooHoo&Friends Lite 1.0 for the iPad. It’s a free education app that allows young children to follow the adventures of the stuffed toy characters based on endangered species.

Jason Fuerstenberg has launched LandMarked 1.0 for iOS. The free app lets you mark down new places you visit so you can get back easily. Additionally LandMarked lets you take photos and notes of places, as well let you categorize and rate them.

Supasounds has unveiled Zombie Alerts, an iOS sound app. Free, it features zombie moans and taunts, as well as the shouts and screams of brave survivors fighting the horde. The sounds can be used as ringtones, text, mail, calendar, alarm or other alerts.

Mitchlehan Media has premiered AR Flashcards 1.0 for iOS. The $1.99 app offers a way for preschool aged children to learn the alphabet using Augmented Reality.

Pixels on Toast has debuted WordCrasher Blitz for iOS. In the free app, letters drop onto the screen and can be made into words, destroying them in the process.

Chronicling a two-year solo motorcycle journey to the Americas with images and journals, photographer Serdar Sunny Unal has given us his 1,200-page iPad travel book, “Los Angeles to Buenos Aires.” The “Short Cut” edition of the book will be free for the first 500 readers beginning Feb. 28. The full-length version is $12.99.The epic adventure now nicknamed “LA2BA” covers over 40.000 miles through 15 countries.

“The Washington Post” has published its WP Politics app for the iPad, focusing on Election 2012 and beyond. The app has a number of tools and features, including an animated candidate issues tracker, interactive maps with state-by-state polls, historical election results,  TV ads database and more. The “WP Politics” App is available for free. However, a monthly access fee of $2.99 will give users access to selected premium content.

MegaCubic Entertainment has unleashed Puggy the Monster — Trial of Shadow 1.0 for iOS. It’s a $1.99 virtual pet game.