China-based Proview Technology has accused Apple of “deception” in the way it acquired rights to the iPad name, reports the “BBC” ( In Californian court filings, Proview claims Apple created a UK-registered “special purpose company,” IP Application Development Ltd (IPADL).

The court papers allege that IPADL said the trademark was needed because “it is an abbreviation for the company name.” Proview is seeking damages and to void a 2009 deal in which it sold its rights to the trademark for US$55,000 (£35,000). The “BBC” reports that, a month after that deal, the court documents note, Apple launched the iPad.

Last week, Proview filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County that brings their legal dispute to Silicon Valley. The legal brouhaha has now gone international.
Apple has threatened to take legal action against the Chinese tech firm known as Provide Techonlogy for inflaming an ongoing dispute over the iPad trademark. For more info go to .