Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps.

Brigadoon Software ( has released MacPhoneHome 3.5, which offers several new security and communication upgrades required by recent changes in Internet protocol. MacPhoneHome is stand-alone computer tracking and recovery software.

Reggie Ashworth has announced VidConvert 1.2.1 (, an update to his video converter for Mac OS X. The upgrade offers support for adding DVDs directly, support for the Apple ProRes format and more.

DigiDNAs has rolled out DiskAid 5.1 ( for Mac OS X. The folks at DigiDNAs say it’s the first application to offer access to iPhone apps using iCloud Document Storage. DiskAid’s new navigation pane contains a new section called “iCloud,” where all apps using iCloud storage will be displayed.

Zevrix Solutions ( has served up Output Factory 1.1, a feature update to its solution to automate output from Adobe InDesign. The new version introduces actions — workflow sequences that run automatically and let users output InDesign files to multiple formats with a click of a button.

RAGE Software has released SEIntelligence 2.5 (, an update to its search engine optimization software for Mac OS X. The new version adds support for Google Plus and reports more incoming links for your competitors.

Tumult has unveiled Hype 1.5 ( an update to its HTML5 animation builder for Mac OS X. The new version contains over 30 new features and includes support for exporting content as an iBooks Author widget.

OWC ( has released a new firmware (version MP5.0.1) for its SandForce Driven Mercury Solid State Drive line for Macs and PCs. The updater for Solid State Drives is freely available from OWC for use exclusively with OWC Mercury Extreme Pro, Mercury Electra and Mercury Aura Pro SSD models.