The new Helios WebShare UB2 software is designed for web-based team collaboration. WebShare provides remote access to server files via any web browser from any Mac, Windows, Linux, or mobile device, and now includes multi-page previews of PDF and Office documents in gallery and list modes.

Helios WebShare UB2 lets you add secure remote file access to any file server.
Automatic two-way remote synchronization of files and folders is another feature of the new Helios WeShare UB2.

Utilizing the WebShare Manager component, Mac, Windows, and UNIX/Linux users can drag ‘n drop project files from the web browser or the local workstation into the WebShare Manager window to enable synchronization of files between the remote WebShare server and the local workstation.

The full remote workflow support includes customizable synchronization plans, support for files larger than 4B, project folder setup, and file versioning. The project-oriented approach allows using files scattered in various locations on a file server within a remote collaboration without the need to move or collect those files into a single folder. More info about Helios WebShare UB2 can be found at .