Future Media Concepts (FMC), a digital media training organization, has added four new courses to its roster of iPad training courses. FMC will offer the courses for iPad owners, app developers, and IT support personne.

FMC has created two new iPad courses for IT personnel. “iPad Support Essentials” is for IT workers who provide support in a professional environment. The course will introduce students to apps that help them manage company networks and provide iPad support to employees.

“iPad Deployment” is for IT managers who use the iPad on a daily basis in their professional environment. They will learn how to deploy and maintain iOS-based devices and provisions for apps developed in-house.

The other two new courses are “Publishing on iPad,” in which developers will learn to use Adobe InDesign to create, distribute, monetize, and optimize engaging content and publications for iPad and other devices; and “iPad Basics” designed for new iPad owners who want to learn how to use the device efficiently in casual and professional environments.

The new iPad training classes complement FMC’s “Fundamentals of Objective-C Programming,” a two-day course in iOS for both programmers and non-programmers who want a start to learning Objective-C and iOS development. More information, upcoming class dates and locations, and registration instructions are available at fmctraining.com under iPhone and iPad.