Pragmatic Code has announced Crunch (, a Mac OS X application for extracting the material of iOS application files. It requires Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) and costs US$9.

According to the folks at Pragmatic Code, Crunch is designed to offer help for iOS designers and developers. iOS png images aren’t readable by default on a Mac, but Crunch converts them to their native format so you can you look at the original images. Crunch has also a Quick Look plug-in, so you’ll be able to see each app’s icon overlaying the standard .ipa file icon in the Finder.

When you start Crunch, it will detect all the apps from your iTunes library and let you filter them by platform (iPhone, iPad, or universal). You can then select the app you want to export, and it will extract all the content of the application so you can look at the structure of the app and see all the files contained in the application package.