Next week a class-action civil lawsuit will be heard in San Jose, California, to determine if Apple, Google, Apple, Lucasfilm, Adobe, Intel, and Intuit conspired to eliminate competition for skilled labor. with a “no poach” agreement.

In anticipation of the hearing, “TechCrunch” site ( say it’s attained evidence from the Department of Justice’s investigation in 2010 which was recently made public for the first time. It appears to support the plaintiff’s case that the defendant companies tried to suppress employee compensation by entering into “no poach” agreements, says “TechCrunch.”

In 2010, it was revealed that several U.S. tech companies — including Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit and Walt Disney’s Pixar unit — were in advanced talks with the Justice Department to avoid a court battle over whether they colluded to hold down wages by agreeing not to lure away each other’s employees. Such practices constitute antitrust behavior.