Apple has been granted two patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, both involving manufacturing processes.

Patent number 20120011690 is for a removable fixture for a manufacturing device. The invention relates generally to manufacturing devices and processes, and more particularly to devices and methods for accurately locating removable fixtures in a manufacturing system.

Per the patent, a CNC system can include a cylinder adapted to rotate about, travel along, and deliver a force in an axial direction, an extension coupled to a distal end of and extending outward from the elongated component in a direction perpendicular to the axial direction, and a removable fixture adapted to receive the axial force and to be moved and positioned thereby along a plane (i.e., two directions) substantially perpendicular to the axial direction.

The fixture has a central opening along the first direction adapted to receive the elongated component, and includes external features adapted to guide manufacturing operations for other manufacturing components. Chamfers on both the extension and removable fixture convert the downward axial force into a plurality of lateral forces that move the fixture against a receiver base. Datums located at guide holes in the fixture stop such lateral movement when the movement causes them to contact guide pins coupled to the receiver base. The inventors are Daniel Karraker, Thomas Johannessen and Xio Bing Cai.

Patent number 20120011690 involves manufacturing and testing techniques for electronic displays. A method for testing photosensitivity of an electronic display module, such as a liquid crystal display module, is provided. In one embodiment, a method includes exposing a display module to light at a first intensity and measuring an amount of light transmitted through the display module. The method may also include exposing the display module to light at a second intensity and measuring an amount of that light transmitted through the display module.

The measured amounts may then be compared to determine an optical property, such as photosensitivity, of the display panel. Various other methods, systems, and manufactures are also disclosed. The inventors are Moo Kyung Son, Victor Hao-En Yin, John Z. Zhong and Wei Chen.