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ActiveDeveloper v2.09 — Released for Cocoa, WebObjects and OpenStep.

December 1999 — Vestbjerg, Denmark — Today, InterACTIVE-Technology
released new versions of ActiveDeveloper – our Cross-Platform
Smalltalk-like Runtime Object IDE for Developing NATIVE Cocoa Desktop
Applications and WebObjects Servers for Apples Award winning WebObjects
E-commerce Server platform.

With the ActiveDeveloper IDE we have turned API learning and Development of
Any size Apps into Interactive Scripting. You get a Runtime Object IDE that
allows you to develop NATIVE Cocoa apps and WebObjects servers directly at
Runtime – while they run. Thereby enabling you to get a whole lot closer to
the Objects you work with …

ActiveDeveloper – Turns complex OO Programming into Interactive Scripting
by giving you a Runtime Object IDE for the compiler.

– Tremendous API learning Help
– Scales to Any size Applications

“Grow” your Objects through Runtime InterAction.

– and watch them run Native compiled “Pedal to the Metal”
cross Windows NT/98, MacOS X & Server, OpenStep

To get InterACTIVE Today – download a copy of ActiveDeveloper from our
WebSite and apply it to your own WebObjects Server or Coccoa / OpenStep
Desktop Projects.


Commercial All platform (Quad-fat) multi user licenses – only $ 99
Personal Single platform (Thin) single user licenses – only $ 49
Educational Single platform (Thin) 5-pack user licenses – only $249

These are all Half Price offerings ..

View Screenshuts of ActiveDeveloper work sessions:

Demos of ActiveDeveloper are available for download from

You get a Smalltalk-like InterACTIVE Object IDE – working at Runtime.

Merging two Technologies – is the good news about ActiveDeveloper.

– The Intuitive and Productive Smalltalk Way of GROWING your Objects
– The Magic and Powerful Frameworks of NeXT – now Apples Jewels.

ActiveDeveloper is likely to very Rapidly turn you Workspace addicted, as
it happened to most Smalltalk newcomers. Once they grasped what that
Workspace has to offer – ” they immediately started wondering how they ever
gotten around without it … ”

GROW your Applications in WebTime through Inter*ACTIVE Development

ActiveDeveloper turns your NATIVE WebObjects server and Cocoa / OpenStep
Desktop Projects InterACTIVE. Plus it offers you:
– Project and Image concepts …
– Runtime Class and Category Editors …
– Runtime Evaluation, Display, Inspection …
– Runtime Object Graph Browser …
– Runtime Smalltalk-like Workspaces …

Everything works inside your Apps at Runtime, without any need to Restart
or Rebuild contexts. Edit-Compile-Play cycles are 1-2 seconds Even on the
slowest Pentium-II system. Use it to Explore API’s, Prototype,Test, Debug
or to Develop Large Scale Structured Projects It’s IDEAL for both Beginners
and Professionals, NO extra language to learn – you start Running

So, why bother resorting to some Scripting language … ??? Get truly
InterACTIVE – with your NATIVE WebObjects server and Cocoa desktop projects.

Deploy NATIVE Applications at Full Speed Cross platform
– WebObjects Servers and Cocoa / OpenStep Desktop Applications.

All Projects developed with ActiveDeveloper are 100% pure and NATIVE to
their respective API’s. We have carefully designed ActiveDeveloper with NO
lock-in – Neither into your Source Code, nor inside your End Products;

You ship your products as NATIVE WebObjects or Cocoa / OpenStep
Applications – NO libraries of Ours linked in. ActiveDeveloper is only used
by your Developers to set them InterACTIVE in their development …

Should you really really ever want to back out again. The decision is yours
entirely. All your code compiles straight with ProjectBuilder.

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