Introduced at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the JetStreamHD ( is a stand-alone device for converting and streaming digital videos, songs, and photos to the iPad. And it now streams live TV.

The JetStreamHD box plugs into your home router and discovers the media on a directly-connected USB drive or any computer, media server, or NAS on your network. When you want to view something on your iPad, JetStreamHD purportedly converts it on-the-fly into iPad-friendly format and adapts the bit-rate as it streams. It’s like carrying your entire media collection on your iPad.

The JetStreamHD Live TV tuner stick connects between a digital antenna or cable feed and a USB port on your JetStreamHD box. Then the JetStreamHD iPad app lets you enjoy all the over-the-air or unencrypted cable TV channels that are received at your home, according to Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo, the company behind the device. Because JetStreamHD is a stand-alone device, no computer or television is required.

The JetStreamHD Live TV option, which includes the USB tuner stick and a digital antenna, will be available beginning March 1 for US$69.99 or bundled with the JetStreamHD Mobile Media Streamer hardware for $199.99.