Mobee Technology ( has introduces the Power Bar, a replacement power for the Apple Magic Trackpad, and the Magic Feet, which can wirelessly charge the Apple Magic Mouse and either the Apple Wireless Keyboard or Magic Trackpad.

Currently Magic Trackpad users must choose either single-use batteries, or rechargeable batteries that need to be removed for charging. The Power Bar (pictured at top) completely replaces the batteries with a power cell that can be recharged in situ.

When the Power Bar is used, the cell is charged via micro USB. Charging from empty takes six hours, giving enough power to last up to 10 days, according to Mobee CEO Alexandre Colot. The Power Bar is designed to fit into the Magic Trackpad specifically to sit comfortably with the other Apple products on your desk, he adds. Magic Feet will be available in early March at a manufacturer’s retail price of US$29.90.

The Magic Feet device (pictured at bottom) sits on the foot of the iMac, and solves the problem of battery management for Apple wireless peripherals. Simply rest your mouse, keyboard or trackpad by the Magic Feet, and using inductive charging technology, the supplied battery packs are charged.

To fully charge a device from empty takes six hours, and once charged it will run for up to 10 days. Magic Feet can charge three devices at once.

The aluminum design of the Magic Feet additionally houses a four-port USB hub. These can be used to charge devices that don’t yet have inductive charging technology solutions, or simply as additional USB ports. The Magic Feet package includes two special inductive battery packs.

One is shaped like the 2x AA sized batteries found in the Magic Trackpad and the Wireless Keyboard, and can be used in either. The other replaces the 2x AA batteries in the Magic Mouse. Magic Feet will be available from in March for $149.90.