K-array has announced the US$19.99 Ecodock (http://www.k-array.com/en/ecodock), a freestanding miniature loudspeaker for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, capable of boosting the audio signal by up to 10dB with no battery or external power supply.

With a base of clear Plexiglas and a similar form factor as the iPhone, the Ecodock uses the natural laws of physics and the principle of the “horn loudspeaker” to efficiently distribute acoustic energy over a wide air surface, according to the folks at K-array. The device fits into a pocket.

For every Ecodock sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the “A Smile for Burkina” association, a charitable organization dedicated to helping the “Les Saints Innocents” children’s orphanage in Burkina Faso,  one of the poorest West African countries in the world. “Les Saints Innocents” is home to 130 orphans, four nuns and 16 caregivers.