Groqit is introducing a pocket-sized device for collectors of movies,
books, games, music — especially those who may have more than they
can perfectly keep track of. It’s called a Groqit. It can be used
anywhere to read, remember and look up barcode information.

The Groqit is the hardware part of a patented Personal Inventory
Management System.

It has a USB port, and web support, so users can translate the
barcodes into human-friendly information like movie titles; when in a
DVD store, Groqit owners can check by title to see if they already
have a given movie at home.

There has been nothing INTEGRATED to do this before, and nothing a
consumer could put together (a barcode scanner, a PDA, collector’s
software) than didn’t cost a lot more.

Groqit’s introductory price is $95.00

There is a Mac version of the software that allows the Groqit to
communicate with the databases on Groqit’s servers.

FREE services: Many of the site’s services are available free of
charge, to anyone who wants to use them: Friends can share
lists of items they already have, as well as Wishlists, which can
take some of the guesswork out of gift-giving.