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Want to know what’s covered in MacTech? Take a look at our table of contents for 2012:

Note: To align with Apple’s policies and expectations for iOS Newsstand for the iPad edition of MacTech, at the end of this volume (Volume 28), MacTech realigned the numbering/naming of issues. It is a numbering change only — subscriber get the same number of issues monthly from MacTech (e.g., similar to changing from an accounting calendar year to a fiscal year).

Fall 2012 Special Issue

  • MacEnterprise
    Drinking Adobe RUM
    Automating Adobe CS updates via the command line.
    With a side trip into using pkgbuild.

  • Developer to Developer
    Adopting Quick Look
    Enabling the user to quickly examine items within your application

  • MacEnterprise
    Creating Deployment Images with FileWave Lightning
    Using a new tool to build modular images

  • An Introduction to Squid
    The Squid proxy server.

  • Essential Guide to Html5 and Css3 Web Design
    Chapter 1 – An Intro to Web Design

  • OpenBSM: Your Mac’s Unseen Auditor

  • Introduction to AppleScriptObjC (Cocoa-AppleScript)

  • What’s Been Missing
    The Need for Categories in Technology

  • Network Protection in Mountain Lion
    Options for deflecting attacks and staying healthy

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Charles S. Edge, Jr.,

August 2012 Issue

  • MacEnterprise
    Investing in Infrastructure
    Building reusable frameworks for systems administration tasks

  • Developer to Developer
    Fresh Bits in Mountain Lion
    The shiny new things Apple has added in the new version of OS X

  • Understanding AppleScript Dictionaries

  • Introducing RubyMotion
    Developing iOS apps using RubyMotion

  • An introduction to gdb
    How to use the GNU debugger

  • The tcpdump network utility
    How to capture network data using tcpdump

  • Installing an SSD drive on an iMac
    Replacing the HD of a late 2009 27-inch iMac with a SSD.

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Vincent Bénony

July 2012 Issue

  • MacEnterprise
    Automating Mountain Lion Installs
    Upgrade to or install OS X Mountain Lion by installing a package

  • Developer to Developer
    Exploring Grand Central Dispatch Part 2
    Responding Responsively

  • Managing Mountain Lion’s FileVault 2 with fdesetup

  • Automation and App Usage in Mountain Lion

  • An Introduction to Moodle
    Installing and using Moodle on a Mac running Lion

  • Anatomy of an upgrade
    My experience moving users from Microsoft Messenger to Lync for Mac

  • Running a cache DNS server on Lion
    How to use BIND to run a cache DNS server

  • Kool Tools
    Matias – Tactile One Keyboard
    Bento 4 for iPad
    Default Folder X

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Miso Antonic and Peter Krajcik

June 2012 Issue

  • MacEnterprise
    Managing Local Accounts – Now Even Easier!
    Using a new Cocoa tool to build packages to create and maintain local accounts

  • Developer to Developer
    Exploring Grand Central Dispatch
    Going Beyond Queues

  • Mac in the Shell
    Cauliflower Vest
    Unusual Name, Serious Security

  • A Better Editor with AppleScriptObjC
    Improving the Basic Text Editor

  • Selecting Photos in iOS
    How to Select a Photo from the Photo Library in an iOS Application

  • Dragging On with AppleScriptObjC
    Exploring the Drag-and-Drop Mechanism

  • Consultant Cowboy
    Projects: Reducing the Project Ante
    Tools to manage projects

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Dana Morgan

May 2012 Issue

  • Mac Enterprise
    Managing Local Admin Accounts
    Using packages to create and maintain local administrative accounts

  • Kool Tools
    Elgato – Thunderbolt SSD
    Houdah Software – Snip Edges

  • Developer to Developer
    Developer Tools and More Developer Tools
    Beyond XCode

  • Mac in the Shell
    iCloud for the SysAdmin
    Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

  • Getting Started with Cauliflower Vest

  • Kool Tools
    Insider Software – Font Agent Pro
    Autrix – Black Book

  • Consultant Cowboy
    Projects: Tools in your Project Workflow
    Tools to manage projects

  • The MacTech spotlight
    Kevin Kachikian
    Amuse, Inc

April 2012 Issue

  • MacEnterprise
    Managing Firefox 10 ESR
    Managing Firefox 10 settings in enterprise environments

  • Developer to Developer
    Blocks in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
    Going Beyond Methods

  • An Introduction to WordPress
    Installing WordPress on a Lion system

  • Virtualization and the Mac
    Why you would want to virtualize and how to get started

  • Mac in the Shell
    Connecting with Others – Machines, That Is
    Options for testing connectivity and transferring files

  • The find UNIX command
    How to use the find UNIX command

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Justin Ficorrotta

March 2012 Issue

  • MacEnterprise
    Creating “Power-Users” in Lion
    Allow your non-administrative users additional privileges under Lion

  • Developer to Developer
    Minding the Store
    A developer’s look at selling on the Mac app store

  • Setting Warning Banners in Lion
    Letting users know where you stand

  • Mountain Lion Preview
    Plus a mountain of new tools

  • Encrypting Beyond the Boot Drive
    Protecting your Mac’s other drives with FileVault 2’s encryption

  • Consultant Cowboy
    Projects: Estimate Practices Make your estimates better

  • Wireshark Display Filters
    What they are and how to use them

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Seth Willits, Araelium Group

February 2012 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:
    Bandwidth Management in the Shell

    Or, proving your point… with data!

  • Developer to Developer:
    Operational Concurrency

    Using NSOperationQueue to do multiple things at once

  • Creating a Working Mac Museum

    Saving memories and putting old computers to use

  • AppleScript Makes Documents

    Building a basic text editor with AppleScript ObjC

  • “What Do You Mean, It’s Gone?!?”

    Safeguarding your Mac’s data when the Mac is lost or stolen

  • MacEnterprise:
    Software Update for Non-Administrators

    Allow your non-administrative users to run Software Update under Lion

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Steven Troughton-Smith, High Caffeine Content

January 2012 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell
    Setting Up the Network–Shell Style
    Automating your way to happiness

  • MacEnterprise
    Modular Imaging with Lion
    Building a Lion image for mass deployment

  • Internet Safety Basics with the Mac
    Keeping children safe with Parental Controls
    and other basic tools

  • Object Orientation
    Touring the Frameworks
    The objects that Apple equips you with for free

  • Developer to Developer
    The Joy of Frameworks
    Take your reusable software components
    to the next level with custom frameworks

  • Stringing Up with AppleScript
    Learn how AppleScript and AppleScriptObjC handle text data

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