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Want to know what’s covered in MacTech? Take a look at our table of contents for 2011:

December 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:
    Brewing Up Missing Apps
    Using homebrew to install additional apps on OS X

  • Object Orientation:
    Properties and Other References
    Objects knowing about other objects

  • An Introduction to GNU Octave
    Is Octave a viable MATLAB alternative?

  • Leaves of Data
    Presenting data trees with AppleScriptObjC

  • MacEnterprise:
    Apple Software Updates with Reposado
    An open-source alternative to Apple’s Software Update service

  • 2012 Buyers’ Guide

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Guy English

November 2011 Issue

  • Developer to Developer:
    Plug It In!
    Enrich your Mac OS X applications with plug-ins

  • Typesetting a book on a Mac using LaTeX
    How I used LaTeX to typeset a book

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Primer
    Your guide to getting started with managing iOS devices

  • Head to Head: Virtualization Benchmarks
    Parallels Desktop for Mac vs. VMware Fusion
    How do VMware Fusion 4 and Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac compare?

  • Find Your Current iPhone Location
    Four ways to find your location with your iPhone

  • Designing an Application
    Where do all those objects go?

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    MacTech Conference 2011
    A photographic Retrospective

October 2011 Issue

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Pricing & Billing Methods and Strategies

    There’s more to the (pricing) world than just an hourly rate

  • MacSysAdmin 2011

    A conference with European flair for system administrators

  • Automator and Services in Lion

    New features and functionality in Mac OS 10.7

  • MacEnterprise:
    Automating Mac OS X Lion Installs

    Upgrading to OS X Lion via a “payload-free” package

  • Objective-C: Syntax

    Building upon C

  • Maker Faire 2011, NYC

    The event for us (nerds) techs… and more

  • Bug Hunting with AppleScriptObjC

    Learn to track and trap errors in your AppleScriptObjC project

  • A True Original

    Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

September 2011 Issue

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Pricing and Money: Ups & Downs

    Consulting is often “feast or famine” when it comes to money.
    Here are some tips.

  • Mac in the Shell:
    MacRuby Drag and Drop File Rename

    An evolving foundational starter project

  • Objective-C: a First Look

    Building upon C

  • Developer to Developer:
    The Sandman Cometh

    How Apple’s sandboxing security feature will affect your Mac apps now,
    and to come.

  • The Whys and Hows of Lion’s Recovery HD

    What is it, and why do we need it?

  • KosmicTask

    Sharing script-based functionality across the network

  • WireShark and DHCP

    How WireShark solved a DHCP conflict

  • MacEnterprise:
    Payload-free Packages, Part 2

    Using “payload-free” packages to install software—from an extension to a full OS.

  • Kool Tools:
    Adobe Flash Builder and Flex

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Hisham Khalifa, Binary Bakery

August 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:
    Lion in the Shell
    What to expect from Lion when working in a shell

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Pricing and Startups
    Pricing thoughts particular to tech startups

  • FileVault 2 Decrypted for Enterprise

  • Developer to Developer:
    A Developer’s Quick Look at Lion
    How you can take advantage of Apple’s latest release of OS X

  • Before Objective-C
    A 10,000-foot overview of a C program

  • Package Browsing by AppleScript
    Building a flat-package browser using AppleScriptObjC

  • MacEnterprise:
    Payload-free Packages
    Leverage Apple’s package format for additional tasks

  • Real World Review:
    Sonnet RackMac Mini
    A solution to rack mount Mac minis without losing access to controls

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Marc Mentovai, Google

July 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:
    MacRuby Drag and Drop

    A foundational starter project

  • Using AppleScript and Perl for Automation

    Saving Facebook pages as WebArchives in an automated way

  • Developer to Developer:
    The Core Foundation Chasm

    A look at how to bridge Core Foundation to Cocoa

  • FileVault 2 Decrypted

    Understanding this very different disk encryption scheme

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Debugging Pricing Problems

    Real-world advice for real-world money problems

  • Soup up Installer Packages with Scripts

    Real-world recipes for enterprise deployments

  • CoreSec:
    What is a Security Culture?

    While technology is wonderful, security starts with organizational culture

  • MacEnterprise:
    Lion’s Share of Changes

    New, changed, and missing features in Mac OS X Lion
    of interest to system administrators

  • Kool Tools:
    Navicat for Mac OS X

    GUI database tool for Mac

  • The MacTech Spotlight
    Rainer Brokerhoff

June 2011 Issue

  • WWDC 2011 Wrap Up

  • Mac in the Shell:
    Ruby and the GUI, Part 2

    Adding a real Cocoa GUI to a MacRuby application

  • Developer to Developer:
    No Pane, No Gain, Part 2
    Expanding our Preference Pane plug-in with Authorization Services

  • MacEnterprise:
    Taming Automatic Updaters
    Disabling application auto-updates for the enterprise environment

  • The EDA Showcase:
    Leveraging Windows Servers to Bring Sanity
    to Large-scale iOS Operations

  • Binding with AppleScriptObjC
    Connecting widgets through a key/value mechanism

  • Examining 3 Important Nmap Scans with WireShark
    Using WireShark to explain Nmap traffic

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Kirill Luzanov, Binary Fruit

May 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:
    Ruby and the GUI

    Adding a real Cocoa GUI to a MacRuby application

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Pricing (Part 2)

    More thoughts on pricing

  • MacEnterprise:
    Developing Enterprise-Friendly Software for Fun and Profit

  • CoreSec:
    Secure Shell (SSH)-A Hidden Gem, Part 2

    SSH is a powerful tool with many uses. Let’s explore this staple of OS X

  • Meet Cappucino

    Use your Cocoa skills to build stunning web applications

  • Developer to Developer:
    No Pane, No Gain

    Building a Preference Pane plug-in to integrate into System Preferences

  • The EDA Showcase:
    Scripting Automations in Windows for Mac OS X Administrators

  • The SQLite DB and iOS

    How to use SQLite on your iPhone and iPad

  • Adaptive Laptop Management with crankd

  • Kool Tools:
    VMware View Client for iPad

    Windows on iOS – to go!

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Justin Williams, Second Gear

April 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:

    Not Just Ruby…MacRuby!

    Finally using Mac- and Cocoa-specific features

  • Swaine Manor:

    The iPad 2 Coverup

    What you don’t know about Apple’s Smart Covers

  • On Becoming a Developer

    One person’s journey into the world of software development

  • Developer to Developer:

    The NSTask at Hand

    A look at spawning processes on OS X

  • MacEnterprise:

    Customizing Packages for Deployment

    Modifying metapackage choices for automated distribution

  • The Enterprise Desktop Alliance Showcase:

    Large-Scale Mac OS X Client Management
    Using Windows Servers

  • CoreSec:

    Secure Shell (SSH): A Hidden Gem
    SSH is a powerful tool with many uses; let’s explore this Unix staple

  • Sending Cisco logs to Syslog on your Mac

    How to set up both your Cisco router
    and your Mac in order to store Cisco log files

  • Client-centered Consulting

    Let the user be your guide

  • The Mactech Spotlight:

    Jon Nathan

March 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell:
    Rounding Out Ruby
    Finishing the basics

  • Gaming Under Parallels Desktop 6
    20 popular Windows games. How playable are they?

  • Developer to Developer:
    Extending Classes with Categories
    Exploring Objective-C’s way of making classes richer, without subclassing

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Pricing Consulting Services
    Pricing is hard, let’s go shopping!

  • An Introduction to WireShark
    The graphic-interface protocol analyzer

  • The Enterprise Desktop Alliance Showcase:
    Implementing File & Print Services on Windows Servers

    for Mac OS X Clients

  • MacEnterprise:
    Software Deployment Made Simple
    A look at StarDeploy

  • The Mactech Spotlight:
    Martin Pilkington, M Cubed Software

February 2011 Issue

  • Mac in the Shell
    Ruby Error Handling
    Expecting the worst, while still ensuring a great experience

  • Cocoa-Covered AppleScript
    Get to know the new AppleScriptObjC bridge

  • Consultant Cowboy
    Looking Back on 2010: Retrospective for Your Consultancy
    Thinking about what went well, what didn’t go so well, and places you can improve

  • An Introduction to Nmap
    Using Nmap for Security

  • The Enterprise Desktop Alliance Showcase
    Imaging & Patch Management for Mac OS X Clients Using Windows Servers

  • MacEnterprise
    Mac App Store and the Enterprise
    What the New Mac App Store means for the enterprise

  • Show Me the Money
    Suggested billing practices for consultants

  • The Mactech Spotlight
    Keith Alperin, Helium Foot Software

January 2011 Issue

  • Swaine Manor:
    Bludger and Larrikin Attend a Press Conference
    …and say all the snarky things you’d say if you were there

  • Mac in the Shell:
    More Ruby Basics for IT
    Useful Ruby for the Mac OS X Administrator

  • Battling the Deluge of Digital Detritus
    Mac housecleaning for improved organization, performance, stability

  • Developer to Developer:
    Making a Splash
    Bring some pizzazz to your Cocoa applications with a splash window

  • MacTech Labs:
    Head-to-Head: Parallels Desktop for Mac vs. VMware Fusion
    How do VMware Fusion 3.1 and Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac compare?

  • Consultant Cowboy:
    Roles to Play in Your Business
    It’s not just about 0’s and 1’s anymore.

  • The Enterprise Desktop Alliance Showcase:
    Introducing the EDA Showcase
    Centralized Mac Home Directories on Windows Servers
    Using Windows to Serve the Mac

  • CoreSec: Security Topics for Administrators and Programmers:
    Shhhh.. Big Brother May be Listening
    What you need to know about VOIP, Face Time, Skype and iChat security

  • MacEnterprise:
    Managing Software Installs with Munki-Part 4
    Crafting pkginfo files for munki

  • Real World Review:
    Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac, Home Edition
    Enterprise-grade antivirus software, now free for home Macs

  • The MacTech Spotlight:
    Manton Reece, Riverfold Software

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