Zondervan’s NIV Study Bible on the market is now available the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s available at the Apple App Store for US$24.99.

The NIV Study Bible features hundreds of full-color videos, maps, charts, illustrations, diagrams and 360-degree interactive panoramic HD renderings. You can navigate, search and highlight passages for emphasis, bookmark where you left off, copy and paste notes into texts and emails, and share passages via Facebook and Twitter. 

The cornerstone of the app is the 20,000 study notes with color icons designed to make important information easy to spot and access. Several of the scholars responsible for the translation of the bestselling NIV Bible also developed study notes, which are the most comprehensive and widely used study notes available in any NIV Study Bible on the market, according to Chip Brown, Zondervan’s senior vice president and publisher for Bibles. To learn more, visit http://nivbibleapps.com/ .