SoftRAID ( has released SoftRAID 4.2 an update to its RAID product for Mac OS X. The new version offers faster disk operations, faster throughput and users fewer CPU cycles, according to the folks at SoftRAID.

The SoftRAID driver optimization takes advantage of the trend towards faster drives and faster buses, such as SSD drives and Thunderbolt. SoftRAID I/O transfers are larger for nearly all disk-related operations in version 4.2.

The SoftRAID application and its internal components in Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 now function completely using 64-bit code. The 4.2 driver enhances support for SSD operations, including TRIM support for third party SSD drives.

SoftRAID version 4.2 is available as a fully functional demo that allows prospective customers to try SoftRAID for 30 days. Registration is US$129. Users of SoftRAID 3 can purchase an upgrade to version 4 for $69.