Jumsoft (http://www.jumsoft.com} has released Education iWeb Themes:
Primary, Cool Class, Teens, College, or University.

You can choose the theme that you prefer and create a net space for
your affinity group. For Knowledge Day, Jumsoft is offering a great
opportunity to purchase one Education iWeb theme and get five other
variations for US$2 each. In other words, when a customer buys one
particular Education iWeb theme, he or she can get five different
color variations to use with it. This allows everyone to find a style
that fits.

Education iWeb themes are recommended for those who belong to an
educational community from primary-school to the university. They are
also great for companies that provide goods for student customers.
Exceptional designs with sweet details will help you display the
essential information in the best possible way. As always, each theme
contains numerous page layouts a designer is likely to need, such as
“Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Podcast”
“Blog,” and “Blank.”