Newer Technology ( has announced its NuTouch Gloves, which are designed to keep hands warm while using an iPhone, iPad, or
other touch screen device in cold weather.

NuTouch Gloves have a special conductive fiber woven into all 10 fingertips so users can enjoy the fastest typing input on full-sized touch keyboards, according to Grant Dahlke, brand Manager, Newer Technology,. They’re made from a soft cotton mix and available in four hand sizes — S/M/L/X.

NuTouch Gloves offer maximum comfort and flexibility without diminishing the ability to hold and use a touch screen device, says Dahlke. The classic charcoal color complements any attire from casual to professional, he adds. NuTouch Gloves can be worn by themselves, or as liners with heavier cold weather gloves.

The Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves are available for US$11.99 from NewerTech’s exclusive distributor, Other World Computing (