August 11, 2005: releases 3D-Space VFS 1.4

3D-Space VFS combines Launcher, Dock and Finder features with elegant
3D drawers to give you easy point-and-click access to all of your
favorite files and applications, without having to sift through folders.

+ Easy visual launcher / dock.
+ Finder like features and navigation.
+ Instant access to hundreds of your favorite items in glorious,
spacious 3D drawers!
+ Fast OpenGL graphics for a fluid user experience.

A flick of the mouse and a vast three dimensional landscape appears.
You see all your favorite items, neatly presented and waiting for you
to click the one you want. Never before has it been so easy to quickly
access so many files and applications!

Each 3D space offers 20 times the capacity of the Mac OS X Dock, and is
fully customizable. Your icons can now be presented exactly the way you
prefer, in pleasing arrangements that also make them easy to spot.

More than a dock, 3D-Space VFS lets you navigate your existing folders
and view their contents as 3D spaces. And full drag-and-drop is
available so you can perform traditional Finder operations such as
moving, copying, deleting and renaming files and folders.

All this and more from drawers that are always available and take
almost zero screen space and CPU use while standing by. Start enjoying
the benefits of tomorrow’s 3D user interface on your Mac today!

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More info:

———–Version changes
Version 1.4 brings the following changes:

+ New navigation bar.
+ New highlighting option for selected items, they can now pulsate or
+ New customizable defaults for new 3D spaces: select any 3D space to be
used as template for new ones.
+ New preference setting lets you keep your home 3D space anywhere.
+ New Japanese and German versions.
+ Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.4.2 Expos=E9 and drag and drop
between 3D spaces.
+ Smarter drawers will now remain open longer when needed, such as when
making a menu selection.
+ Localization improvements, including proper handling of files with
non-Roman characters in their name.
+ The settings for Arranged by Size, Date Added, Date Modified, Date
Created, are now correctly preserved.
+ Misc. other fixes and improvements.

New features since version 1.1 include:

+ New Back and Forward buttons, for one-click navigation.
+ New pan, zoom and tilt features.
+ New adjustable, panoramic drawer and window format.
+ New icon magnification method.
+ Open any Finder folder in 3D, navigate from folder to folder.
+ Improved icon label display and animation.
+ Easy selection of even very small icons.
+ Adjustable text size, adjustable grid spacing.
+ New “Arrange by” features.
+ Added support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
+ 3D drawer capacity was more than doubled.
+ Optional display of name in drawer tab.
+ Faster 3D space switches.
+ Full scroll wheel support.

=46or more info and to download 3D-Space VFS 1.4, visit
=46ree trial, $29 single user license.
Requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.