( has announced the VooMote Zapper, along with a free iOS app that you can download at the Apple App Store.

This all-in-one solution is as small as a paperclip and fits in the dock connector of your iPhone, iPod and iPad to turn your device into a universal remote. It can then be used for a variety of infrared electronics including TVs, DVD players, DVRs and more. Users download the free app to enjoy tailor-made universal remote control functionality.

The VooMote Zapper is available in eight different colors including blue, green, pink, red, and more. It can either be purchased by itself or coupled with a matching iPhone or iPad case.

The VooMote Zapper dongle is available for US$69.99. The VooMote Zapper with the iPhone 4 case is $79.99, and the VooMote Zapper with the matching iPad case is $89.99. Both of these bundles will be available in January 2012.