MacUpdate has kicked off its December 2011 software bundle (, featuring a collection of 11 popular Mac apps, including TechTool Pro 6, for US49.99. The limited-time bundle represents a savings of 94%, or almost $700, and includes:

° TechTool Pro 6 ($99.99) — A leading Mac utility, with tools for diagnosing virtually all hardware problems and for repairing and optimizing hard drives. A bootable DVD disk image is included in the bundle, and version 6 features improved eDrive functionality, enabling all of the app’s tools to be ran from the boot drive, perfect for Macs without optical drives. More info can be found at .

° TotalFinder ($18) — Adds Web browser-like Tabs to the Finder and other must-have enhancements for a more productive Finder experience. More info can be found at .

° Postbox 3 ($29.95) — An email client for Mac OS X, offering more features than Mac OS X’s built-in More info can be found at .

° FontPack Pro Master Collection + FontBoss Font Management Utility ($300) — A collection of 6,200 OpenType fonts with a five Mac commercial-use license. It includes the all new FontBoss font management utility from Macware.
More info can be found at

° Labels & Addresses ($49.99) — A label printing app for Mac, capable of printing all sorts of address labels, envelopes, inventory labels and price tags. It’s also ideal for businesses, offering full support for various barcode formats, including UPC, ISBN and EAN. More info can be found at .

° Mac DVDRipper Pro 3 ($19.95) — A utility for copying DVD movies to your Mac. Version 3 is capable of converting your DVD movies to formats that are friendly for your AppleTV or iOS devices, making it simple for anyone to get movies from DVD onto their iPad or iPhone. More info can be found at .

° Hear ($19.95) — Hear is a utility that improves your Mac’s audio, providing you with an equalizer for every app that makes games, movies, music, or TV shows sound better. More info can be found at .

° Back In Focus ($99.95) –A professional-caliber tool that’s easy enough for novices to use, Back In Focus rescues your blurry photos by improving their sharpness with several advanced algorithms. More info can be found at .

° iClip 5 ($18.99) — A multi-clipboard and scrapbook tool that enables you to keep a history of almost anything you copy, instead of only the last item. iClip also makes it easy to organize your clips into sets to store various things like web addresses, frequently used logos, code snippets, and more. More info can be found at: .

° FoldersSynchronizer ($40) — If you own more than one Mac and want to keep files consistent on all of them or you want a tool for scheduling and creating backups, FolderSynchronizer can do the job. More info can be found at .

° Neverwinter Nights 2 ($19.95) — A fantasy role-playing games to emerge in recent years with an engrossing storyline and multiplayer support. More info can be found at .

“We’ve put together another powerful and versatile collection of top-rated apps that any Mac user can benefit from,” says Misha Sakellaropoulo, COO of MacUpdate. “With the broad appeal and overall utility of this bundle, buyers will enhance the workflow and enjoyment of their Mac.”

The MacUpdate December 2011 Bundle (( ) is available for $49.99 from through Dec. 21. For an additional $9.99 (worldwide shipping included), buyers can purchase the bundle on DVD.