From: (Joshua Dunfield)

I have ported SmallEiffel to the Macintosh as a Metrowerks CodeWarrior
plug-in. The compiler, a simple fractal example, and docs can be
downloaded from:

Beta version, use at your own risk, etc. The source code is available
at the same URL. This is an unofficial port: the SmallEiffel authors
were not involved.

(From the README file:)

* What are Eiffel and SmallEiffel?

Eiffel is a clean, efficient object-oriented language. SmallEiffel is a
free compiler for a subset (no garbage collection, no exceptions, no…)
of Eiffel. As is typical of Eiffel compilers, it generates ANSI C code,
not machine code.

* Requirements

Metrowerks CodeWarrior, preferably CW/10. The plug-in compiler is fat
(both 68K and PPC code).