V-MODA has unveiled its Faders tuned earplugs, the first of several protective offerings under Ear Armor branding.

Constructed from metals and medical-grade silicone fittings, Faders are designed to protect your hearing by reducing harmful noise by 12 dB evenly across the frequency spectrum, while still allowing you to enjoy crystal clear music and speech in a club, concert, festival, music practice, or other excessively loud events, says Val Kolton, founder of V-MODA. The noise reduction can make the difference between an enjoyable listening experience and lifelong hearing loss, he says.

Faders are available in Gunmetal, Rouge and Pink flavors and come with three sizes of medical-grade “BLISS 2.0” silicone fittings for a universal fit. Additionally, the fabric lanyard ensures they don’t get lost in the crowd. They’re available for a limited time for only US$15 at http://www. V-MODA.com.  For any order over $50, the Faders will be included complimentary while supplies last.. A portion of all proceeds go to the In The Loop Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Kolton to help educate and promote the practice of safe sound.