Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Clo-Team has announced ZenNotes 1.0, their new contacts centric application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The US$18.99 device is for anyone looking to stay in constant touch with friends and colleagues. It includes all of your contacts, calendar, email, directory and enterprise instant messaging and social networking.

App Works has released My Princess Dress Up 1.0 for the iPad. With the swipe of a finger, the $0.99 app gives little girls the ability to dress a virtual princess up in gowns, crowns, necklaces, and other accessories like flowers and balloons.

Michael Jones has introduced Save Xmas for the iPod and iPhone. The $0.99 game contains 25 levels in which you must help Santa collect all the gifts from the Evil Elves. During the levels you will encounter obstacles that try to scupper your chances of collecting all of the gifts.

Dissembill Software has introduced Planet Madness 1.0 for iOS, a free space arcade game with Qix-style gameplay. A universal app with hi-res graphics, players explore space dragging their spaceship horizontally and vertically. On enclosing a rectangular area, it is considered “explored” and the background behind it is revealed. The goal is to explore 75% or more of the screen without accidentally hitting any of the planets that are in constant motion.

Smartphoneware has debuted Cybernarium 1.0 for iOS, a single player, Breakout-style game with a cyberpunk motif. Played in a circular arena, the player controls a single droid-paddle that moves along the perimeter of the arena. The object of the $0.99 game is to keep the plasma-ball within the arena until all the breakable blocks are destroyed. The game features two types of paddle control and two play modes.

Brandon Abbott has presented Face Mask 1.0, an entertainment app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The $0.99 app’s photo and video masking technology turns any photo into a live video mask.

BCNmultimedia is offering Children’s Bible Advent Calendar 2011, a free Advent calendar for iOS devices. Starting on Dec. 1, kids will be able to open the corresponding window every day until Christmas day. In every window you will find an illustration about a moment in the gospels on the Annunciation and the Birth of Jesus with a text and a quotation from the Bible.

LaLafish has published My Father’s Clothes 1.0 for iOS, a $0.99 ebook for kids with lots of interactivity on every page and a playful story about the relationship of God and all living things on Earth.