Eltima Software has released SyncMate 3.5 (http://mac.eltima.com/), a new version of their US$39.95 sync tool for Mac OS X. The main option introduced in the new version is compatibility with iOS 5 and Android 4.x devices.

SyncMate 3.5 will sync iCal, Address book, iTunes, iPhoto, folders, bookmarks, notes, and other data between iOS devices and a Mac. Version 3.5 also features non-sync options. For example, you can mount Android devices as Mac disks, manage SMS messages on Mac, export SMS messages to different formats, etc.

SyncMate also allows syncing data on Mac with online Google and Dropbox accounts, and offers its own online storage for data backup. All sync with all supported devices is combined into one instance of SyncMate, without the necessity of installing many apps for each synced device.