Graphicxtras has released their new Swatches sets ( for Adobe Illustrator. Including arrow swatches, cat swatches, contour swatches, heart swatches, Christmas swatches and more. The Swatches sets are USS$6.99 each.

They’re for use in Illustrator fills, effects, convert to other formats and more. The Swatches include 40-plus swatches packs for commercial use, all royalty-free to create items for sale. They’re for use in fills, as well as combined with effects.

The Swatches package now sports over 4,000 patterns in total. It’s compatible with all versions of the Adobe Creative Suite including the latest, CS6.

The swatches packs are priced at $6.99 (USD) each as of September 10th, 2012. Download only.