Digital Film Tools ( says all its Avid plug-in product offerings — including Composite Suite Pro, PhotoCopy, Rays and zMatte — are now 64-bit and compatible with Media Composer and Symphony version 6.0, as well as NewsCutter version 10.0.

A free update for existing customers, the new 64-bit DFT plug-ins provide both professional and casual editors alike with speed and memory advantages that streamline the entire visual effects process, according to Marco Paolini, founder and president, Digital Film Tools.

Composite Suite Pro features a collection of visual effects plug-ins. DFT PhotoCopy lets you copy the brightness, color, tone, detail, grain and texture from one image and apply them to another. DFT Rays lets you create light ray effects.
DFT zMatte offers blue and green screen keying.

Avid AVX2 64-bit versions of Composite Suite Pro, PhotoCopy, Rays and zMatte are available now at the Digital Film Tools store. Prices range from US$99 to $39. In addition, Digital Film Tools plug-ins are available through the Avid Marketplace, which offers in-system access to available video plug-ins. The free 64-bit update must be installed on the same system as the existing DFT plug-ins.