Sennheiser ( had introduced HD 200 and HD 400 series headphones. The line includes six new models — the HD 219, HD 229, HD 239, HD 429, HD 439 and the HD 449 — and range in price from US$59.95 to $119.95.

“Our new HD 200 and HD 400 series headphones offer a significant acoustic upgrade from stock headphones with fashion-forward design,” says Sennheiser product specialist Eric Palonen. “Each headphone stands out with bold colors and an intricate ear cup design, while offering a variety of sonic signatures fit for any music fan.”

All six models are also optimized for listening on MP3 players, tablets, smartphones, laptops, netbooks and Apple devices including iPods, the iPad series and all iPhone devices. Some models feature a rotating earcups or cable systems fit for portable or at home use.