Avid has announced new versions of its flagship video editing systems — Media Composer version 6, NewsCutter version 10 and Symphony version 6.

Media Composer version 6, Symphony version 6 and NewsCutter version 10 are rebuilt from the core on an entirely new open, 64-bit architecture. With this version, Avid is also introducing a sleeker user interface.

In addition, these systems include support for third-party hardware, AVCHD and RED Epic support with Avid Media Access (AMA), an Avid DNxHD 444 codec, and support for Avid Artist Color. Users can also incorporate Avid’s high-performance hardware video accelerator, Avid Nitris DX into high-profile film or TV workflows through its availability as a standalone hardware purchase at a new, reduced price. Nitris DX is available with one or two Avid DNxHD or AVC-Intra chips and supports full resolution and full frame stereoscopic workflows.

New versions of Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter software will be available on Nov. 15. Beginning with these releases, NewsCutter will be available for the same price as Media Composer, Symphony 6.0 will be available as a standalone software option and Nitris DX will be available as a standalone hardware option.

Pricing for Media Composer 6.0 starts at US$2,499 USD. Upgrade pricing starts at $299.

NewsCutter 10 starts at $2,499. Upgrade pricing starts at $499.

Pricing for Symphony 6.0 starts at $5,999. Upgrade pricing starts at $499.

Nitris DX starts at $5,499. Pricing for Media Composer Academic version 6.0 starts at $295 or educational institutions and students.

Final Cut Pro (excluding Final Cut Pro X) users can purchase Media Composer with free online training to help them move from Final Cut Pro to Media Composer, for $1,499.

For more information about Media Composer, visit http://www.avid.com/mc . For more information about Avid Vantage, go to http://www.avid.com/avidvantage .