Strategy Analytics ( has introduced the “App Store Competitive Index” (ASCI) from its App Ecosystem Opportunities (AEO) service, which gauges how truly competitive app storefronts are for new apps and developers. Although iPad scored the highest, it bested by only 10% the least competitive store (the Android store), says the research group.

I assume Strategy Analytics means the iPad section of the Apple App Store. There isn’t an iPad app store per se.

“The App Store Competitive Index is a way for storefronts to gauge how successful they are exposing users to new and innovative apps,” says Josh Martin, Director of Apps Research at Strategy Analytics. “As of today most storefronts are failing spectacularly. Improving discoverability and increasing competitiveness could be a useful tool to woo developers away from less competitive storefronts and improve the app ecosystem for all.”

— Dennis Sellers