Universe Software has updated pdf-Office Professional, the PDF form creation software, to version 10, which offers improvements in image processing and can now correct most of the errors in imported graphics.

The pdf-Office Professional interface is similar to that of Microsoft Word. Texts can be entered directly, while form fields, graphics, etc., can be positioned by drag and drop. You can add form fields with additional calculations or JavaScript to the template. Forms created in pdf-Office Professional can be shown using a launcher for Acrobat Reader immediately after creation to test functionality, so you can check for possible data entry errors.

All additions to the template and the PDF template itself can then be saved together as a new PDF file. pdf-Office Professional supports all PDF security settings, including 128-bit encryption for ideal document protection. Once created, templates can be altered or added to at any time.

pdf-Office Professional is compatible with Mac OS X and costs US$163. A demo version is available for download (http://shop.pdf-office.com/product_info.php?products_id=28).