Crayola and Griffin Technology has teamed up for the Crayola Trace & Draw for the iPad 2. The accessory and app combo turn the iPad 2 into an animated drawing and coloring activity center for young artists.

Designed for use with the free Trace & Draw app — available at the Apple App Store — the US$39.99 Crayola Trace & Draw is both a protective case and art station in one. When combined with the app, young artists have more than 35 different characters to trace along with fun animations and activities.

Surrounded by a shatter-resistant shell, the iPad 2 paired with Trace and Draw becomes an interactive art center. Recommended for ages three and up, the Trace & Draw includes a black Crayola fineline marker and 50 sheets of pre-sized tracing paper. A static peel screen protector shields the MultiTouch display from smudges and fingerprints and a sliding drawer can be used for storing the Crayola marker when it’s not in use.

The Trace & Draw for iPad 2 is available from Apple Retail Stores, Target, and .