The Quesa Development Team are pleased to announce the release of Quesa
1.6d16, the latest release of their high-level 3D library for developers.

This release incorporates a year’s worth of bug fixes and improvements over
the last public release, including numerous performance enhancements and
almost complete API coverage.

Applications written to the Quesa API can take advantage of an extensive 3D
toolkit (that includes file importers/exporters, plug-in renderers, and
high-level geometries), while still leveraging the performance of low-level
OpenGL 3D hardware acceleration.

Quesa is a cross-platform Open Source project, which supports Mac OS X/9,
Windows, and Linux. The Mac OS version can be built with either CodeWarrior
or Project Builder, and can generate Carbon, Cocoa, or Classic libraries.

For more information about Quesa, or to obtain pre-built binaries and demo
applications for Mac OS and Windows, please visit the Quesa web site:


The latest Quesa source code is also available from our CVS server, details
of which are on our web site.