IK Multimedia is shipping the US$69.99 iRig MIDI (http://www.irigmidi.com), a compact standard Core MIDI interface for iOS that connects any MIDI compatible device, such as a keyboard, to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The iRig MIDI, together with the included SampleTank app, brings the same mobile power and flexibility to keyboardists,  and producers as iRig (the iOS guitar interface adapter) with the AmpliTube app brought to guitarists and iRig MIC (the handheld iOS microphone) with the VocaLive app brought to singers.

The iRig MIDI can connect any standard MIDI equipment such as keyboards, drum machines, drum pads, pedal boards and more to an iOS device to control the included SampleTank and Core MIDI compatible apps, such as GarageBand. You can also use iOS apps to control external equipment such as sound modules, digital audio workstations or even lighting systems right from the mobile device.

The iRig MIDI sports three MIDI ports — In, Out and Thru — so you can connect multiple MIDI devices without the need of additional gear using the two included standard MIDI connector cables. Two LEDs also display the MIDI activity on the IN and OUT ports.

The iRig MIDI is powered directly from the mobile device, but it also exclusively provides a micro USB port with included cable that connects to any standard USB power supply source. This means the iOS device can stay fully powered during long playing sessions.