JAMF Software, developers of the Casper Suite (an enterprise client management solution for Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones) has announced the release of Casper Suite version 8.3. The upgrade features full compatibility with iOS 5 and iPhone 4S.

In addition to the new capabilities for managing iOS devices, this new release incorporates significant enhancements to the OS X management capabilities in the Casper Suite, according to Chip Pearson, managing partner at JAMF Software. He says a few highlights of the new features include:

° Administrators can now manage even more settings for iOS devices including settings related to iCloud.

° The Casper Suite is now able to automatically deploy App Store apps to iOS 5 devices using push notifications. Paid apps may also be distributed using Volume Purchase Program (VPP) codes. Additionally, App Store apps may be distributed as managed apps allowing administrators to configure security settings for apps and remove app data.

° The iOS Self Service interface has been improved to include integration with directory services and on-demand installation of security and settings Configuration Profiles by end users without requiring administrator involvement.

° The Casper Suite can now set computer-level and user-level Configuration Profiles for Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) computers. Using a similar interface to that used to manage iOS Configuration Profiles, the JSS can now set and deploy Configuration Profiles to OS X Lion computers. Configuration Profiles are compatible with the extensive

° Managed Preferences settings templates built into the Casper Suite provide an upgrade path for organizations upgrading to Lion.

° The Casper Suite can be used to simplify and facilitate the deployment of FileVault 2 on a large scale. The Casper Suite now also reports on FileVault 2 status for Lion computers within the JSS interface.

By incorporating the many new management capabilities included in iOS 5 and OS X Lion, the Casper Suite 8.3 allows administrators to easily manage their iOS 4 and iOS 5 devices in the same console they use to manage their Mac, says Pearson. For more info about the iOS and OS X management capabilities in the Casper Suite — including pricing and upgrade options — visit the JAMF Software website (http://jamfsoftware.com/products/casper-suite).