KoffeePhoto adds online photo backup service

KoffeePhoto extends its photo sharing to online photo backup

Strasbourg, France – June 25th, 2008 – KoffeeWare today announced an
extension to the KoffeePhoto photo sharing service with the introduction of
KoffeePhoto Premium, an online photo backup service as a paying option.

Digital photography is great for its flexibility. But when it comes to make
sure it resists time, specific measures need to be taken as digital photos
are a compilation of people’s life: weddings, babies, friends, parties,
holidays… Every 15 seconds a hard drive crashes, what is done to preserve
photos? Advantages of online backup over CD/DVD based backup are numerous.
A quick reminder, online backup is:

* (obviously) remote (what is the need of a backup if it sits close to the
computer in case of fire or theft),

* reliable (how sure to able to read CD based backup when needed which is
usually after a couple of years?),

* dependable (where to find the backup CDs when needed which is usually
after a couple of years),

* and inexpensive (in comparison to the cost of CDs, CD burner and the time
spent backuping data).

But why using a photo dedicated online backup solution?

Numerous online storage and backup solutions exist, some are dedicated to
photo storage, others provide general purpose storage. At KoffeeWare, we
think that online storage benefits from being application specific. In
fact, storage is only part of the story.

KoffeePhoto handles the whole photo process, from the connection to the
digital camera to sharing including organizing and backuping. More, using
KoffeePhoto, you may add pictures to your account without even running your
own computer. Storing and backuping being completely embedded into the
system, KoffeePhoto combines great ease of use and peace of mind.

Although versatile, swiss-knife-like solutions look good, application
specific solutions always fulfill their mission better and easier.

KoffeePhoto introduces KoffeePhoto Premium featuring unlimited online
backup of pictures. KoffeePhoto Premium provides fully automated backup and
restoration of all digital picture files. Should a data loss occur,
KoffeePhoto Premium will restore a whole photo library upon a single
log-in, no hassle.

KoffeePhoto is available from http://www.koffeephoto.com/. KoffeePhoto
Premium is priced 39,99 ¤ a year ($59,99).

About KoffeePhoto

KoffeePhoto is a photo suite consisting of a desktop photo manager
associated to a web based photo sharing service. Optional KoffeePhoto
Premium provides for secure online backup of pictures. KoffeePhoto already
partners with several major printing companies worldwide.

About KoffeeWare

Founded in October 2005 and privately held, KoffeeWare provides customized
online photo services. Targeted at online businesses, the KoffeeWare
solutions are available online and run on both desktop computers and
handheld devices or mobile phones.