Qumu (http://www.qumu.com), a business video platform provider, today announced the findings of its September 2011 survey of 2,361 Americans aged 18 and older, conducted online by Harris Interactive. 

The survey, which was drafted based on Qumu’s experience in mobile and tablet use in the workplace, found that 88% of Americans believe the release of a new smart phone (e.g., iPhone 4S, Android, Blackberry) would matter to anyone.  When asked which groups of people the release of a new smartphone would matter to the most, Americans selected the following groups of people: 69% – Tech Geeks; 58% – Business People; 56% – Teenagers; 26% – Creative Types; 15% – Working Moms; 14% – Parents; 8% – People who are promiscuous; 5% – Prostitutes; 5% – People who can’t get dates; and 5% – Other.

An overwhelming percentage of Americans (91%) believe smartphones or tablets are at least somewhat influential in their owner’s tendency to misbehave at work (By “misbehave at work” Qumu means performing non-work-related tasks like watching personal videos, playing games, reading eBooks, etc.). Over three quarters (76%) believe that some apps should be banned from being used in the workplace.  Those include: 67% – apps that feature pornography; 63% – apps that match people up for sex; 51% – dating apps; 39% – games; 37% – social networking apps; 34% – online shopping apps; 20% – music-related apps; and 11% – news readers.