The authors of Rotating Ads for Lasso announce Human Resources/Public
Relations (HR/PR) for Lasso. An easy to implement, easy to maintain
system to administer the timely addition and deletion of employment
opportunities and press releases from your web site. No more trying
to re-invent the wheel, this solution can be up and running in

With our easy-to-use web-based administration module, you can quickly
add new entries and delete old ones right in your web browser.

Special feature for ISP’s: HR/PR for Lasso is designed to run on
multiple web sites. Give each of your clients their own Unique ID
Code, and they can each administer their own News and Job Openings
web pages all in ONE database! All entries are kept separated by
company, so your clients will never see anything but their own
information, just like you designed it especially for them.

* Easy to implement
* Web based administration
* Handles multiple web sites
* Works on any page served by Lasso
* No limit on the number of listings
* Uses only one database

Requires any web server running FileMaker PRO and Lasso 2.5 or higher.


Brett Circe, Webmaster Starmark 954-523-4770