Hercules (http://www.hercules.com), which specializes in digital DJ controllers and a digital audio specialist, has debuted XPS 2.0 30 DJ Club, a pair of compact computer speakers inspired by the professional PA systems used by DJs. It will be available next month for US$59.99.

The wide metal grate protecting the central driver and the speakers’ contrasting lacquered and matte finish also highlight their DJ personality. The Hercules XPS 2.0 30 DJ Club offers a “DJ touch” for fans who want to listen to music in the comfort of their bedroom or studio.

To ensure bass restitution, the XPS 2.0 30 DJ Club speakers are fitted with a port on their front face. All connectivity features and controls are located on the right satellite’s front face, offering access to volume and tone adjustment buttons. They also feature a headphone output and an auxiliary input to connect an MP3 player. In addition, this amplified speaker system delivers 10 Watt RMS output.