Wild Divine (http://www.wilddivine.com/) has released Deepak Chopra’s Secrets of Meditation for Mac OS X and Windows systems.

Using Wild Divine’s “Active Feedback” system, Secrets of Meditation features exercises that teach you how to relax and more fully enjoy the benefits of improved meditation, says Kyle Widner, president and CEO, Wild Divine. The system purportedly picks up the physiological energy of your body through the IOM, an interface that attaches to three of your fingers. 

“With expert guidance, you learn to concentrate your mind and body on clearly laid out interactive exercises, to achieve an elevated state of mental control through relaxation,” says Widner. “As you sit motionless, using only the power of your mind, you’ll actually control elements onscreen.”

You can sign up for the free Deepak Chopra video series at http://www.secretsofmeditationlaunch.com .