iParrott Patent-Pending Technology Provides Superior Noise Cancellation

SANTA CLARA, CA, April 4, 2000 – Macsense, the leading developer of
Macintosh peripherals, announced today iParrott, the first speech
recognition headset for the Mac. iParrott’s patent-pending Translator
provides superior noise canceling for speech recognition in even the
noisiest environments.

The iParrott Translator is built directly into the headset, providing
exceptional audio reception by canceling unwanted background noises that
other headsets can’t handle. This is a boon for voice recognition software,
where distorted noises result in increased errors.

Corey Happel, Macsense Director or Sales and Marketing, said, “The day is
coming soon when we’ll all be talking to our computers, asking for it to
surf the Internet, send speech-mails, get stock quotes, make phone calls,
write dictated documents, etc. And what users will discover is that the
noise cancellation quality of their headset is what will make those
applications accurate, efficient, and fun to use. That is the advantage
that the Macsense iParrott will have over any competitor.”

iParrott is used with voice recognition software, such as IBM’s Viavoice
and MacSpeech; for Mac OS commands; security applications, such as voice
print security for MacOS9; and telephony applications, such as voiceover IP

Available immediately for $49.99 for Macintosh computers, iParrot can be
purchased through several mail order catalogs, local and national retail
outlets, and most Mac e-tailers. For more information, contact Macsense,
3350 Scott Blvd., Building 2, Santa Clara CA 95054, 800-642-8860.

Founded in 1997, Macsense is the Macintosh networking hardware leader. Its
products include hubs, switches, Internet sharing devices, network
interface cards, USB peripherals and other products designed to make local
area networks (LANs) faster, more efficient and more affordable for
small-to-large businesses. Macsense products are available to the
internationally through distributors, VARs, systems integrators and mail