Comm-Unity Networking Systems has released a new version of its SMTPit Pro plug-in to fix a few bug fixes and bring in updates from other CNS Plug-ins. SMTPit Pro is available immediately at for both Mac OS X and Windows.

SMTPit Pro is an email plug-in for FileMake Pro 7 and greater; it provides an array of email options. You can send simple text based messages, or you can send complex HTML messages. You can send a single message or an entire mail out. I

The Server Edition of SMTPit Pro allows you to install and use the plug-in with FileMaker Server and Server Advanced. With the Server Edition, you can do things like set up schedules to check an email database for new emails that need to be sent out or send email directly from an Instant Web Published database.

This version is a free upgrade for anyone with a 4.x.x license. If you still have an older 4.0.x license, you’ll need a new license key for the 4.1.x versions.

A single user license for the client version of SMTPit Pro is US$65. To use the Server Edition of SMTPit Pro, you’ll need to purchase at least a 10-User License. A 10-User License is $319. There are other price points and information for educational/non-profit institutions.