The release of Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) helped the Mac operating system increase by over 1% in September, hitting 10.6% market share, according to Chitika Insight (http:///, the research arm of online advertising network Chitika.  Insights uses Chitika’s data to monitor and report on Internet trends — search engines, clickthrough rates, the mobile war, and more.

The iOS has 5.2% market share; combine that with Mac OS X and it gives apple 15.8% market share. The Android has 3.3%, and Linux has 2.3%, according to Chitika.

Windows’ market share continues to drop, falling 1.35% since July. Of course, it still has 77.7% market share.

“Look for iOS and Android’s market share to increase over the next few months, as the iPhone 5 and Android devices permeate the market,” says Chitika. “Although Windows 8 will boost Microsoft’s market share in the future, in the short-term, loko for Windows total market share to continue its decline.”