Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogsphere:

“Mac OS X 10.7.2 build 11C62 has been released to developers today with no known issues. The second update to OS X Lion primarily focuses on iCloud support, suggesting the software update will likely be released alongside iCloud, iOS 5, and whatever iPhone is announced at the October 4th event that Apple has planned. Other than native iCloud support, OS X 10.7.2 includes a variety of bug fixes.” — “OSX Daily” (

“The latest source code for the LLVM-based compiler Clang—the default compiler in Apple’s Xcode developer tools—shows that support has recently been added for Marvell’s quad-core, ARM-based Armada XP processor. Since Marvell is targeting the processor for low-power cloud computing applications, why exactly does Apple’s version of Clang offer conditional support in its development tool chain?” — “Ars Technia” (

“A defect has presented in some iPhone 5 touch panels produced by Wintek which may affect the ability to meet initial shipment targets for the launch which is expected in October, according to iPhone supply chain makers.” — “DigiTimes” (

“Apple’s iPhone 5 and possible midrange smartphone, paired with a new carrier and upgraded iOS, could mark a new phase in the war between Apple and Android. Apple could release a midrange iPhone in addition to the iPhone 5, itself rumored to debut in coming weeks. If that comes to pass, it’ll mark a new phase in Apple’s mobile strategy: the moment when it stopped battling Android in a more general way, and decided to ram Google’s operating system head-on.” — “eWeek” (

“Although one shouldn’t discount Apple’s ability to surprise, a consensus has emerged that the brightest, shiniest iPhone has been ‘delayed’ until 2012, assuming we’re all here to get it.” — “iPhoneTouch.Blorge” (