Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Intellipad has announced Intellipad 1.0 for iPad. The US$19.99 education app was created by speech and occupational therapists for special needs students. Users can create and share custom keyboards with distinct layouts, number of keys, fonts and colors. Each key can be assigned any letter, word, or sentence. Intellipad includes text-to-speech, word prediction, spell check, integrated notepad, photo import, and special audio recording of key names or sounds.

He2 Apps has released Patch Catch 1.0,a photo hunting game for iPhone and iPod touch. The free app is an interpretation of the “find the differences between pictures” genre with some twists such as combo points and game center leader boards. The object of the game is to find five differences between two pictures before the time runs out.

Applaud has unveiled Skware 1.0, a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. In the $0.99 app, the player has to stop the four colored rotating “Skware” pieces in the correct place to copy the random pattern shown on the screen.

KenigArt has introduced Photo Editor Pro for the iPad. It’s a $5.99 picture processing app with a variety of photo editing functions and effects.

Along the same lines, iDevelopersLab has debuted Camera GL for the iPhone and iPad. The app offers a selection of photo effects. Camera GL costs US$2.99 for the iPhone and $5.99 for the iPad.

Creanncy has developed Family Camera Album HD for the iPad. It’s a $5.99 camera app for taking and editing family photos. It provides built-in effects and filters, such as sharpen, negative, blur and others.

Ezvid is offering “Do I Have Depression?” for iOS devices. The $0.99 app is a psychological questionnaire and analysis system for non-medical use only. It addresses concerns many people may have of themselves and their friends and loved ones. The application asks the user a set of questions based on a rubric developed by clinical professionals, on topics ranging from sleep disturbance, mood destabilization and interpersonal relationships, to eating habits, work productivity, and more.

Super Stack Attack from Flaming Mitten Studios is a $1.99 physics-based game of precision and skill. In the game you help stack Sprint, Dopey, Punch, Grim, Sally, Bumpz, Jafa, El Stacko and Arthur! complete some stacks.

BizzaroGames has launched an iOS game called: Sum It! The free app consists of letters assigned with a numeric value. The goal is to form a word that corresponds to the chosen category and matches the required total numeric value. Every tapped letter is added to the blank word spaces and updates the total sum of the word using the corresponding mathematical operations. The correct words can be constructed based on the user’s general knowledge.

Gentlemen’s Mixed Martial Arts Wear has served up Effective Striking 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 app is designed to teach you how to strike effectively. Five striking techniques are demonstrated: reverse punch, ridge hand, soo do, back fist, and a head strike.

Pizero Design has given us InfiniteWalls+, a wallpapers utility for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a $1.99 personalization app with functions such as an advanced HD wallpapers search engine, a special Facebook plug-in allowing users to browse and download their personal photos and use them as wallpapers, a collection of 1,400 retina wallpapers, and more.