newMacgadgets ( has introduced iPad 2 Security Base, designed for retail and business environments where security is a concern.

The base is targeted to businesses and companies who use the iPad 2 as a tool to enhance customer service and productivity. Store fronts, offices, conference rooms, information kiosks, hotel business centers, and schools will all benefit from having the extra peace of mind and protection that the iPad 2 Security Base offers, says newMacgadgets founder Michael Schriner,

It’s similar in design to the Apple store display while providing additional security features, including security brackets with Torx tamper-proof screws, mounting holes located within the base and 3M clear pressure sensitive adhesive for hard surfaces where screw holes aren’t an option.

Unlike the Apple store, the newMacgadgets version allows removal of the iPad 2 with the included Torx t-10 bit. Prices range from $64.95 to $89.95 depending on the model.