DontCrack has launched a new audio plug-ins suit for audio pros: the “V.I.P. plug-in series” ( No iLok or eLicenser dongle is required.

Each plug-in in the V.I.P. series costs US$49 individually. Purchase the DontCrack V.I.P. Bundle and you’ll pay $489 for the entire collection! If you like to purchase plug- ins one at a time, DontCrack will upgrade you the entire V.I.P. Bundle for free when you accumulate 10 plug-ins in your collection.

At this time, the DC V.I.P. Bundle contains 20 plug-ins: DC Analoger, DC Brightness, DC Chorus Ensemble, DC Clarisonix, DC Classic Flanger, DC Classic Phaser, DC Cool-Vibes, DC Digital Plate, DC Digital Reverb, DC Dimension 3D, DC Distorted, DC Echoflex, DC Electro Optical, DC Retro Compressor, DC Retro Equalizer, DC Retro Filter, DC Retro Limiter, DC Transcontrol, DC Tremolo Pan, DC Ultramaxit.

To celebrate, DontCrack is making the V.I.P. Bundle available for $299 through Oct. 10. The plug-ins run on Intel-based Macs with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher. They work with RTAS (Pro Tools) and VST.