D-Link (http://www.dlink.com) has announced the DSN-4000 Series xStack Storage iSCSI SAN Array, offering scalability for secondary server applications such as disaster recovery, backup, surveillance, and archiving. It’s designed for small to mid-size enterprises.

D-Link’s open architecture supports mixing non-proprietary SAS and SATA disk drives of various manufacturers, capacities, and speeds, making the DSN-4000 series ideal for storage tiering while supporting multiple applications simultaneously, according to the folks at D-Link. In addition, the DSN-4000 series offers advanced volume virtualization capabilities.

Any available disk capacity can be used by any requesting volume; volume expansion, reconfiguration and migration can be implemented on the fly without interruption to data access. Drives are not bay specific and disk roaming between different xStack Storage SAN array models is supported.
The DSN-4000 series includes the DSN-4100 and DSN-4200 xStack Storage iSCSI SAN arrays available in a 3U form factor supporting up to 32TB of raw capacity with 16 SAS/SATA drive bays. In addition, the DSN-4000 series supports expansion to 48 drive bays (96TB of raw capacity). Both models are stackable and include a single system-on-a-chip iSCSI controller capable of over 80,000 IOPS for processing intensive applications including audio and video post-production.

The DSN-4100 includes four 1 GbE data ports providing throughput up to 425MB per second and the DSN-4200 includes eight 1 GbE data ports providing throughput up to 850MB per second for bandwidth intensive applications such as IP surveillance and  data backup. Also available is the DSN-4000 16-Bay Expansion Array for the DSN-4100 and DSN-4200.

The DSN-4000 series models will be available in November, with pricing as follows:

° D-Link DSN-4100 3U 16-bay, 4xGbE xStack Storage iSCSI SAN array — US$4,999.99;

° D-Link DSN-4200 3U 16-bay, 8xGbE xStack Storage iSCSI SAN array — $6,199.99;

° D-Link DSN-4000 3U 16-Bay Expansion Array for DSN-4100/DSN-4200 — $3,199.99.