In conjunction with the start of IBC2011, Sorenson Media ( has released Sorenson Squeeze Server 1.5, an update of the company’s enterprise transcoding solution that now includes optimized performance for all three leading adaptive bitrate streaming platforms: Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

With hundreds of intelligent video encoding parameters, known as presets, Squeeze Server 1.5 fully automates the process of transcoding video files to optimize playback with virtually any container or format — from broadcast standards like MXF, to popular outputs such as Flash, h.264 and WebM — and on any major device — from smartphones and tablets to computers, set-top boxes and connected TVs, according to Sorenson Media CEO Peter Csathy.

The unique adaptive bitrate support streamlines enterprise workflows by automatically transcoding each individual video file into multiple, chunked segments in a full array of bitrates, organizes these segments into a folder, and delivers them to the specified destinations forplayback on any device. This solves the problem of an interrupted experience with streaming video, says Csathy

Squeeze Server 1.5 is available, and a demo is available for download. For pricing information, contact Sorenson Media. Each subscription to Squeeze Server includes a complementary account to the Sorenson 360 online video platform.